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Minimalist and Reliable

This wallet is awesome! I have owned it for a couple weeks now and it’s easily the thing I needed in my life. It’s small, compact, looks nice, and holds all that I need without clumping up my pocket.

Great looking thin bifold wallet

I really like this wallet. Looks very nice and made from high quality leather. Holds all of my 20 cards plus around 40 cash bills nicely. Also, the viewable pocket for a license/ID is very nice touch. Overall, I very pleased with it and highly recommend it!

Sleek design with excellent quality leather

Upon unboxing this wallet, I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of black leather used on this product. Its compact, magnetic design has proven to be miles more convenient than my previous leather wallet. At first I was hoping for more space in the cash dividers, but I soon found out that my bills fit just fine :)

Absolutely Perfect...

This wallet is absolutely perfect. You can easily fit more than 10 cards, some cash in the middle slot and an ID / driver's license . The materials are high quality and it feels comfortable in your pocket. Don’t know what else to say. The drivers license is perfectly secure inside but doesn’t stick when you try to pull it out. Great wallet. Very very happy with the purchase.

Carbon Fiber Wallet
Jesse willis
Perfect way to carry the essentials

Where has this been all of my adult life? This carbon fiber wallet carries my driver's license, credit cards, membership cards and cash in the most compact form I've ever had. I put the wallet in my front pocket and usually forget it's there. I DO keep reaching for my old wallet in my back pocket and start to freak out until I realize EVERYTHING is in my front pocket. Awesome product!

Perfect addition to my Apple ecosystem

I am very happy with the quality of the product. Got in in Space Gray finish to match all of my other Apple devices. Design is much better than the earlier versions of this style wallet with a spot for the AirTag. Exactly what I was looking for! You can tell it’s good craftsmanship. And very streamlined and small.

Solves Airtags bulkiness problem for wallets.

Air tag fit perfectly. Snap secured air tag without issues. Solves issue of air tags being basically unusable without some kind of holder bought separately. The front pocket for the air tag helps keep the wallet a manageable thickness while holding it securely.

Titanium Wallet
Chris Moen
Very Sleek, well built and polished

The titanium wallet is well constructed, your cards and cash will never fall out, my wallet is heavily used daily and still feels and looks the exact same as the day I bought it.

It holds all my cards my 12 cards are safely in a tiny rectangle. I also was worried about the money clip, but it does its job so well and just looks so cool to be honest. I always get compliments often on it, and people are always very impressed when I mention it blocks RFID signals as well.

Overall this wallet blew away my expectations and is one of my favorite possessions. Buy it, you will love it and is far worth the price.

Perfect for my needs!

The wallet has an excellent construction, strong seams and very soft material, it fit exactly everything I use in my daily life, I liked it so much that I gave my son one of the same and he loved it, I recommend it to those who no longer want to carry a full wallet of cards and money. be practical.

Works Well

Just got it, and am able to fit many cards:
- 3 insurance/prescription cards
- 8 credit cards
- 2 IDs
- 1 Costco card

Total of 14 cards! and money bills as well!

Will update this review as time goes on…

The best purchase!!

I really enjoy this product because it is way smaller than my current bifoldwallet. It can fit multiple cards and even has the airtag feature, which is perfect because I always lose my wallet… This wallet is super nice and i love the carbon fiber finish! I will definitely be buying from them again and will probably get one for my dad for fathers day!

Great for all the stuff you need in one place when traveling

Very pleased with quality and design of wallet. Holds my passport, IDs and other important documents. I am ready to use on my next trip. Great wallet overall!

Carbon Fiber Wallet
Rod Greenholt
From unsure to in love..

After being concerned such a small item could take the place of my old fat wallet, I am truly appreciating this wallet. No more bulging pockets and its so much more comfortable to carry with me. Build quality is stellar!

Not just the first-mover!

I’ve seen a lot made in the reviews about this being “good for the first mover.” This is more than that, this is a 9/10 wallet. For the price, this is probably one of the best wallets you can buy, and that’s not even considering the reason everyone come here: the AirTag compatibility. It is a simple but elegant solution, having a sturdy metal clip and a leather ring around the AirTag - much similar to the Apple brand leather keychain AirTag holders. It works well, and the AirTag fits snugly against the leather. It isn’t ultra-slim, but we all knew that could never happen with the thickness of AirTags.

Exactly what I wanted & needed.

Got the Walnut brown color, very nice leather and workmanship for the price. The stitching is perfect, feel is perfect. Buy this wallet I guarantee you’re gonna love it. This is the most durable well-made stylish wallet I’m so stoked!!

Amazingly thin, yet holds everything I need

This wallet is amazingly thin, and yet holds my Apple Airtag, more than 10 credit cards. I could squeeze a couple more cards into it if I needed to.

The RFID card works when I put it up against a sensor (door sensor in my case) without having to remove it from the case. I have not tried the touchless credit card sensors, but I assume it would block that.

Very happy with the product. It seems plenty durable, but I have only had it for a few weeks, so I can't really comment on that yet.

AirTag Wallet - Leather
Jaquelin Rempel
Stylish and secure

One of the reasons I was so excited about the Airtag is because I would be able to track my wallet easier. I’ve tried other personal tracking devices and they just don’t work as well as this one. I was really happy to find this wallet because it meant I could carry just the essentials with me and attach the tracker to it. The wallet is a tight fit, but it’s well made and works well with the Airtag. Everything feels really secure in the wallet and it’s not super bulky even with it’s filled with cards and the tag. I would get this again.

Titanium Wallet
Mike Durgan
Got so many compliments!

I purchased the space grey titanium. The design is flawless and it works great. Doesn't stick out in pockets. 5 stars

Carbon Fiber Wallet
Jeff Koelpin
Flawless wallet

Excellent wallet all the way around, has held up to all the daily abuse my life contains, no issues or scratches from wear and tear whatsoever!

Titanium Wallet
George Berge
Fantastically sleek and sturdy

I am incredibly happy with my Titanium wallet so far. It takes up so much less space than my old wallet and makes it comfortable to carry it around all the time. Quite often i find myself checking my pockets as i completely forget that its there. Using it is incredibly easy as its as simple as push and you have your cards easily accessible. Time will tell how my experience with this wallet goes but for now I am thoroughly impressed and recommend it to anyone who is tired of bulky wallets.

Pleasantly surprised!

Pleasantly surprised with the looks and quality of the wallet! it came nicely packaged and appears to be well made and looks great! I would buy again!

Premium Steel Wallet
Osborne Williamson
Great wallet

I am very happy with the wallet in every way. Would recommend this to anyone. The quality is unmatched.

Super impressed with the quality

Ordered the red one at first and got super impressed with the high quality steel finish, so i decided to get the Sapphire Blue as well since it wanted another color. Great for anyone looking for a small wallet but yet super stylish and eye-catching. Love the premium steel finish!

Great sleek wallet

It’s a great sleek wallet and being an automotive enthusiast, I have a love for carbon fiber. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a legit wallet to get.

AirTag Card
Michael Heidenreich
Fits perfectly!

AirTag card is a excellent way to keep my wallet and passport wallet safe. It fits snug into my wallet without adding extra bulk. Great product and would totally recommend it.

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